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Welcome to first class social, recreational, educational, and behavioral services for children in the St. Louis metropolitan area.   

Enjoy the rare benefits of world famous researchers guiding all center programming.



Applied Behavior Analysis Therapy

We offer a wide range of children access to top-tier clinical intervention services using applied behavior analysis (ABA) therapy delivered by licensed behavior analysts and skilled technicians.

Virtual Summer Camps

Dive into summer with summer camps for everyone!  Theme based for anyone and everyone to like, and built upon a framework of mind and brain building activities.  Enjoy the summer from the comfort of your own home.  

Group Social Skills Building

Many kids struggle with social skills and emotions as they try and navigate their way though childhood.  We offer exceptional group options to build confidence of self and tolerance of others.

Academic Enhancement

Nothing at all like a generic tutor, our academic enhancement program targets scholastic deficits with mind expanding techniques that have been shown repeatedly to boost IQ scores and even academic achievement.  


The Differences

Ph.D.-Level Scientists

There are many people who deliver child intervention and recreational services, but a relatively few who also hold PhDs.  Even less that are both scientists and clinicians.  Expect the highest level of expertise for your child's case conceptualization.

Structured Evidence-Based Curriculum

Our clinical intervention services are beyond compare.  We use structured curriculum that has been repeatedly proven in the peer-reviewed literature, not just anecdotal         endorsements.  The same eye towards structure, design, and content follows into our recreational programming as well. 

Dedicated Center

Greater intervention gains occur in clinic settings when compared to home.  Get your home back, and bring your child to a specialized learning environment.   And now with COVID-19, enjoy the option of Telehealth remote programming.

Specialized Intensive Services

We believe in an intensive structured work approach to intervention.  Doing so produces meaningful gains in surprisingly short time periods. 

All Children

We have service options for all children. From virtual recreational summer camps, to individualized therapeutic treatments, and even fun social skills building groups. Emergent has many ways for your child to emerge into their full potential.  



Emergent Learning is built upon a scientific foundation of psychological and behavioral discoveries on how children learn, how they can better manage behavior problems, and how they can better enjoy life.  Applied behavior analysis (ABA) is considered an evidence-based treatment approach for persons with autism and related disabilities.  ABA is also effective at improving academic and cognitive abilities in neurotypical children. 

Take a look around and compare the skills of our staff to anyone else in the area.  We have more Ph.D., more scientists, and more research publications than anyone. More importantly however is we have 100% of our staff extensively trained to be both compassionate and effective leaders for your child during their experiences at Emergent.  

We also offer occasional information sessions for parents on how to handle the stress of the most important job they will ever hold - being a caregiver to a child. Other topics include managing challenging children, facilitating new skills beyond the classroom, and updates on our own program offerings and research findings.  

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