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Join our team and you will be surrounded by driven, passionate professionals who prioritize the values of the clients and families we serve.

Now Hiring: BCBA-D, BCBA, & RBT positions at all locations. Also looking to expand our multidisciplinary team with OT, PT, and SLPs. Please submit your resume with three references below.

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Offered At Every Location

At Emergent Learning Center, we believe in the highest level of quality training for future BCBA’s. Through Concentrated Supervised Fieldwork, Emergent Learning Center guarantees over 10% of direct supervision for all students enrolled in our in-house practicum course. Through this experience, all practicum students learn how to perfect their clinical skills, learn the ins-and-outs of what it means to be a BCBA of Emergent Learning quality, and dive into complex and contemporary topics within the field of ABA. All supervision is FREE for Emergent Learning Center employees that are completing their practicum on-site!

Technician Work: All practicum students work on a variety of cases at a minimum of 10 restricted hours per week. Students are assigned to clients with all different support levels to ensure they gain clinical expertise for a wide range of programming. All practicum students gain hands-on experience with the PEAK Relational Training System, Accept Identify Move curriculum, LIFE curriculum, the ACT for Kids curriculum, and more!

Individual Supervision: Every practicum student is assigned an individual BCBA supervisor who tailors their mentorship needs throughout their practicum experience at Emergent. The individual supervisor meets 1:1 with the practicum student twice per month to discuss topics about client care, client programming, and BACB task-list items. Individual meetings are a unique experience in which each student can dive into their personal goals as a supervisee and receive individual mentorship.

Group Practicum Class: Practicum students at Emergent Learning Centers receive biweekly group supervision class led by Dr. Becky Barron, Ph.D., BCBA-D. Group practicum class provides an opportunity for students across the different Emergent Learning Centers to connect with one another on their journey to become a BCBA, while engaging in a variety of topics, discussion, and assignments together. All practicum students start in the BCBA Basics Cohort and move into the Advanced Topics Cohort! Group Assignments and group topics are tailored to the needs and wishes of each practicum cohort group, and discussions are facilitated by Dr. Barron each class. Group assignments include articles, videos, podcasts and readings on the weekly topics.

Common topics for the BCBA Basics Cohort include:

· Assessment to Intervention Planning

· Treatment Plan and Goal Writing

· Parent Training and Communication

· Derived Relational Responding within Intervention

· Social-Emotional Skill Development for Clients through ACT

Common topics for the Advanced Topics Cohort include:

· Ethical Considerations in ABA (e.g., Trauma-Informed ABA, Cultural Competency as a BCBA, Client-Centered Care)

· Adolescent and Adult Support Needs in ABA

· Compassionate Supervision and Feedback of Technicians

· Clinical Judgement Skills

· Values-Based Intervention for Clients

Unrestricted Hours: Practicum students are expected to complete the required unrestricted hours in accordance with the Behavior Analyst Certification Board 5th edition requirements. This includes 60% of documented Concentrated Fieldwork to be unrestricted work. Individual Supervisors and Group Practicum assignments provide a plethora of opportunity to achieve the correct percentage of unrestricted hours alongside restricted hours (direct implementation with clients) to meet the BACB standards. All practicum students receive Case Management roles to assist their BCBA in client assessing, programming, and goal writing, as well as staff training.

Are you interested in becoming an Emergent Learning Center practicum student?

Emergent Learning Center requires that at minimum all Practicum students have begun their BACB coursework in order to begin accruing supervised hours, which is in accordance with the rules outlined by the BACB. In addition, Emergent Learning Centers require that all practicum students complete a 30-day probationary period at Emergent Learning Center prior to accruing hours.

We are always looking for passionate BCBA’s in training to join our Emergent team!

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