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Exceeding Expectations One Client at a Time

The Emergent Learning Centers were created to fill the needs for a higher level of intervention for children based on behavior science.  A small group of Ph.D. behavioral researchers and talented clinicians met together and crafted a vision of what optimal care would look like, and over time made these ideas a reality.  Originally a small project in the suburbs of St. Louis, we have rapidly expanded into multiple centers and affiliated clinics across a growing number of states. 

The Emergent philosophy rests on the assumption that science must guide practice.  And scientists need to be involved in the mission, operations, and interventions of the organization.  Most importantly however, you will also find clinicians vetted into the pursuit of best practices, evolving knowledge, and compassionate care for every child in services.  

Walk through our Centers, and you will notice a different look and feel from any other care provider in the area.  See walls of published articles by our staff, notice data documenting child gains, and experience a serine decor that puts your mind at peace.  You have chosen the right place for your child's growth and well-being.  

Welcome to Emergent.

Making Notes
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