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ABA Therapy

Our center provides intensive 90-120 minute treatment sessions multiple times a week, to improve language and cognition abilities in children with autism and related conditions.  We also have half day and full day programs for clients with early intervention services. Designed to be either the primary or complementary source of clinical intervention, we deliver powerful services that produce meaningful and measurable gains in children ages 2-22.  

Regardless if your child needs to begin speaking, or if they need social and emotional supports, we will deliver with evidence-based practices that make meaningful changes in your child.  

Behavior problems? We have you covered with comprehensive functional assessments, treatment plans, and teaching protocols to transfer to home and school.

Need help in the school setting?  Our staff can work directly with your child in the classroom as a supplement to district personnel.  Most importantly is that we can work collaboratively with such school employees to make sure your child's treatment gains with us can spread across settings and people.

See the differences that can be made with a talented team of experts, each containing a Ph.D. level behavioral scientist. 

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